To conclude the ETO Client Contract please do the following:

  1. Download and print out Client Contract and Annex 3  (Service Fees) in 2 copies, and Annex 2 (ETO Trademark License Agreement) if Green Dot trademark is used on the products
  2. Fill in with Company data and sign by authorized person,
  3. Return documents by mail to address: ETO, Mustamäe tee 24, 10621 Tallinn, Estonia
Client Contract text is available for downloading at current page below.

ETO Clients can also conclude Annex 2 Trademark License Agreement which gives right to use The Green Dot mark on packages on Estonian territory.

Reporting of packaging quantities can be done via sending email with data to  or via direct input to ETO Internet Packaging Reporting system. In case of direct data input to Internet Packaging Reporting system we provide username and password for secure access.


Client Contract


Annex 2 – ETO Trademark License Agreement 

Annex 3 – ETO Service Fees.

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